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Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Audrey Edmonson Carlos Gimenez curfew is it only for Black Kids ? Coming soon fence around the black community

Recently, gunfire rang out a few blocks away from the practice field at Miami Edison Senior High, where I coach football. It was shortly 3 p.m. and everyone went into lockdown mode. A few days later, on May 21, a teenage boy I used to coach was shot playing video games at a friend’s house. […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Check out the sneak peak of Uncle Luke’s Bad Girl Walk music video!

See it here first! Uncle Luke's sneak peak for his new music video BAD GIRL WALK! What you waiting for?! [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records

CALL TO DANCERS Let me see your “BAD GIRL WALK” Download Song HERE Send us your best video for a chance to have it included in the “OFFICIAL” Bad Girl Walk Feature Video All dancers appearing in your video MUST sign a Release form CLICK HERE for the release. Videos should be uploaded and sent […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
The murder of Nipsey Hussle shows why black people are our own worst enemies

The murder of Nipsey Hussle shows why black people are our own worst enemies. Nipsey was a highly intelligent rapper who was all about empowering his brothers and sisters. He was a hip-hop artist changing the narrative of the violent culture that envelopes the rap game. He was encouraging his peers to invest in their […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Miami Beach city government owns the blame for the out-of-control situation.

As expected, Miami Beach is rolling out a heavier police presence this weekend in an attempt to control rowdy Spring Breakers roaming South Beach. On Thursday, two dozen officers in riot gear flanked by cops on all terrain vehicles hit the beach to confiscate alcohol and intimidate party goers. Anyone who doesn’t comply risks being […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Did Michael Jackson Sexually Abuse Two Little Boys?

The documentary Leaving Neverland about Michael Jackson sexually abusing two little boys at the height of his super stardom should be a lesson to all parents who use their children to pursue Hollywood dreams. Throughout the film, the mothers of Jimmy Safechuck and Wade Robson, who both describe criminal sexual acts Jackson inflicted on them […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records

Jalen Rose, former NBA player and ESPN/ABC analyst, talks sports with Uncle Luke. [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Kaepernick Sold out the Black Community

It’s a travesty that Colin Kapernick turned to an all white legal team to fight his grievance case against the NFL and the 32 team owners. Over the weekend, TMZ published a photo of the controversial quarterback wearing a massive grin and a Malcolm X t-shirt after cutting a deal that will pay him between […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records

Uncle Luke is joined by CNN Contributor Bakari Sellers. They talk politics, Kanye West, and more! [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records

When it comes to figuring out black voters, the Democratic Party can’t get it right. The Dems’ messaging is not resonating in the hood because the party is only speaking to a small segment of the African American population that live high above the povertyline. The majority who are still living in inner city neighborhoods […] [...]