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Luther Campbell - Luke Records

It’s that time a year again when Miami Beach officials make black people feel unwelcome in the city. Yes, Memorial Day Weekend is here. For more than a decade, African American tourists and visitors have kept coming back even though the Miami Beach is turned into a military green zone and every business establishment, from […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Miami Police railroaded local football star Mark Walton

Miami Police railroaded local football star Mark Walton. This past April 23, the 19-year-old University of Miami running back was arrested for drunk driving after he failed road sobriety and breathalyzer tests. WPLG 10 reported that the police may have been targeting Walton, who is suspended indefinitely from playing for the Hurricanes. A woman claimed […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Mr. Mixx is Not allowed to play 2 Live Crew records

Imagine if Mick Jagger left the Rolling Stones, but he couldn’t sing any of the band’s songs and he couldn’t say he was once a member of one the greatest rock acts ever. Or if Dr. Dre and Ice Cube weren’t allowed to call themselves former N.W.A members or sing the songs that skyrocketed them […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Robbery in the Pork and Beans Beam project

In about a month-and-half, Miami-Dade Commissioners will decide whether or not to go with Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s selection of The Related Group to redevelop Liberty Square, the county’s oldest public housing project. But one county commissioner, Audrey Edmonson, is going to bat for Atlantic Pacific Communities, the firm that ended up in second place after […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Uncle Luke on the Tom Joyner Cruise

Uncle Luke at Sybil’s World Famous Book Club on the Tom Joyner Cruise [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Floatopia in Vote Commissioner Grieco Out

For a guy who rejected a Cuban consulate in Miami Beach due to the communist country’s oppressive regime, Michael Grieco is going around acting like a dictator. Over the weekend, Grieco lost it over the giant mess left behind by people who participated in the annual Floatopia. In front of television reporters, he declared Floatopia […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records

The child body count in Miami’s African American communities continues to climb. Meanwhile, the adults in positions of power are clueless about how to stop kids from getting their hands on guns. I’ve got a plan that will tamp down the violence. Here are the five things that need to get done in order to […] [...]