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Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Did Michael Jackson sexually abusing two little boy ?

The documentary Leaving Neverland about Michael Jackson sexually abusing two little boys at the height of his super stardom should be a lesson to all parents who use their children to pursue Hollywood dreams. Throughout the film, the mothers of Jimmy Safechuck and Wade Robson, who both describe criminal sexual acts Jackson inflicted on them […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records

Jalen Rose, former NBA player and ESPN/ABC analyst, talks sports with Uncle Luke. [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Kaepernick Sold out the Black Community

It’s a travesty that Colin Kapernick turned to an all white legal team to fight his grievance case against the NFL and the 32 team owners. Over the weekend, TMZ published a photo of the controversial quarterback wearing a massive grin and a Malcolm X t-shirt after cutting a deal that will pay him between […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records

Uncle Luke is joined by CNN Contributor Bakari Sellers. They talk politics, Kanye West, and more! [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records

When it comes to figuring out black voters, the Democratic Party can’t get it right. The Dems’ messaging is not resonating in the hood because the party is only speaking to a small segment of the African American population that live high above the povertyline. The majority who are still living in inner city neighborhoods […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Manny Diaz Miami First Cuban Football Head Coach

Just when you thought the Miami Hurricanes season was over, a category five upheaval rocked the storied program following the embarrassing 35-3 loss to the Wisconsin Badgers in the Pinstripe Bowl. Over the last week, Mark Richt abruptly retired, opening the door for Manny Diaz to tear up his deal to become the Temple Owls […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Uncle Luke Uncle Snoop Dogg Powerhouse football game this Saturday in Los Angeles California Warriors of Liberty City make their debut in Hollywood

Back in the Nineties during my heyday as a rap impresario, Snoop Dogg and I didn’t like each other very much. In fact, we had our own East coast versus West coast rivalry going on. Snoop and Dr. Dre dropped a diss about me on the track Fuck wit Dre Day and I responded with […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Is Kareem Hunt a part of what’s wrong with the NFL?

Uncle Luke breaks down the Kareem Hunt debacle. He also provides a deep analysis of the way the NFL is run. A must listen. We hope you enjoy the show. This episode is a taste of what's to come in 2019. Feedback welcome! [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
Here’s what Donald Trump really wants to say at Bush’s Funeral

In recent days, Donald Trump has really gone out of his way to gush about George H.W. Bush, the 41st president of the U.S. who died on Nov. 30. The 45th president is making nice with the Bushes, hoping he can score a few good headlines praising his statemanly behavior before Bob Mueller sends him […] [...]

Luther Campbell - Luke Records
The State of the University of Miami football

These are tough days for the University of Miami football program. After beginning the season ranked in the top 10 and supposedly ready to compete again for national title, the Hurricanes ended with a disappointing 7-5 record that included the third four-game losing streak of Head Coach Mark Richt’s tenure. It seems last year’s magical […] [...]