South Florida law enforcement has put a bullseye on the The Bikes Up, Guns Down movement that takes over local streets and highways during the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.


According to various news reports, local police departments from Fort Lauderdale to Miami have issued stern warning to any riders planning on popping wheelies, hauling ass the wrong way or other reckless maneuvers.


“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great orator, a great leader,” Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said this week. “His legacy during the holiday should be remembered with great respect. But there is a zero tolerance policy for this illegal activity.”


Florida Highway Patrol spokesman Joe Sanchez proclaimed that anyone riding an ATV, dirt bike and motorcycle in a reckless manner will be cited, arrested and have their rides impounded.


It’s the wrong approach to take against a group of individuals who want to exercise their rights to free speech and that could end in tragedy. These dudes are like Evil Kenevil on steroids. They are more likely to lead cops on a wild chase, rather than pulling over. They scatter like mosquitoes so it’s going to be near impossible to corral all of them. And it could end with a rider or a squad car running over an innocent person like a kid who runs into the street.


Already, the police strategy has been proven ineffective. Last Sunday, Hollywood Police attempted a surprise crackdown on 100 ATV and dirt bike riders who had gathered at an intersection. The cops managed to only arrest one rider, Erik Bell. And that’s because he crashed.


Police officials would be a lot smarter if they reached out to the riders and agreed to a certain period of time where they could take over the streets and do all their tricks. If police can shut down major highways for a few hours to allow people to protest Donald Trump, then the same can be done for these riders. They could ride up and down Northwest 62nd Street before or after the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade. Once their time is up, they have to park their asses.


Instead, police departments would rather waste a tremendous amount of manpower to shut down black men from protesting inequality and injustice.

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