Trump Using White Hate for Obama to Rob The American People.

A bunch of filthy rich white Republican U.S. representatives and their circus clown leader Donald Trump did a victory lap in the Rose Garden Thursday after the House passed Trumpcare, the legislation that will repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. It was their way of saying, “we finally got that nigger.”

For Trump and the congressional leaders who joined him to gloat about undoing the last president’s legacy, this has always been about scoring a win against Barack Obama, even though the man has run off into the sunset to count his millions and hang out on an island with British mogul Richard Branson. Many of them admitted they didn’t even bother reading the bill.

However, the real losers are the 24 million people who will no longer have health insurance under Trumpcare, including nine million military veterans who represent a significant portion of the Donald’s constituency. In fact, millions of Americans who voted for Trump are getting screwed by the new law replacing the Affordable Care Act.

What happened yesterday proves Trump played white voters who were upset about a black man being president into thinking he was an agent of change. He fed int o their hate the same way Tea Party Republicans did to get elected. But Trump is no different than any other D.C. politician. In fact, as a real estate billionaire, he’s used to stealing from the poor to get rich.

Now all the people in rural America, from the Indiana factory workers to the Virginia coal miners, who voted for him are going to realize Trump is a phony and a con artist. It has already begun. When you see television footage of the angry mobs at town hall meetings across the country, it’s all white people. African Americans were already used to not having healthcare before Obama.

Everyone of those people should take a mental picture of Trump and all those racist, white Republican congressmen and women and remember that scene for the 2018 mid-term elections. As Americans — whether black, white, green, or blue — we have to come together against the dictator-in-chief and his cronies.

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