2016 will go down as the year that screwed the world with no Vaseline. Signs of the apocolyspe abound. Great Britain left the European union, Donald Trump was elected president and white supremacy is on the rise again. Some of our most iconic people dropped dead like Zika infected mosquitoes caught in a haze of insect killing spray. To name a few, we lost David Bowie, Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest, astronaut John Glenn, Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson, Prince and the Greatest athlete of all time, Muhammad Ali.

Looking back at my most read columns of the past 12 months, readers log in when I point out racism in Miami Beach during Memorial Day weekend, the Miami Heat, gun violence in the inner city and sexy, yet smart, female TV reporters:

5. Jaquan Lenard. The January death of 21-year-old Miami Northwestern Senior High alum in a hail of bullets garnered 9,971 page views, proving people care about the youth gun violence plaguing the city.

4. Calling out Katherine Fernandez Rundle and inner city pastors for paying lip service to stopping gun violence got even more attention with 11,860 page views.

3. Chris Bosh. Pointing out the reasons the Miami Heat were ready to cut ties with the All-Star forward shows people take my sports takes seriously with 18,682 page views.

2. Female newscasters. There’s no doubt that readers love beautiful women on television. My annual list of the top 10 women TV reporters hit 37,994 page views.

1. Memorial Day weekend. This subject proves that controversy sells, especially when I point out the racism that still exists on Miami Beach. My take on black tourists being treated as second class citizens got 116,501 page views.

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